Latest Update On Stock, Shipping and Order Delays

Latest Update On Stock, Shipping and Order Delays

August 11, 2020

Due to delays in receiving new stock from suppliers, back orders may have extended delivery times. Please keep this in mind when placing orders on items that are shown as "Pre Order" as wait times more than likely will be much more than usual.
Although we are out of stock of many lines, it may be wise to place a backorder anyway as this will place you next in line to receive stock once it becomes available.

The Ultra Pro supplier has been getting stock in by airfreight, but these orders are much smaller than a shipping container, so stock is only trickling through at the moment.

We have an extensive number of orders in with the Ultra-Pro wholesaler and they are expecting a larger shipment late August. So depending on their own distribution, they are in Victoria, we will get orders out as soon as we can after they get it too us.

Other products are not as depleted as Ultra Pro, but many suppliers are facing similar issues, but we are expecting large orders from a number of them in September.

Thanks for your patience during this time.

Please contact us if you have any questions