The COVID-19 Blog - Stock Updates and Back Orders - PLEASE READ

The COVID-19 Blog - Stock Updates and Back Orders - PLEASE READ

October 26, 2020

With the continuing impact of the COVID-19 on worldwide freight and production, we have put in place this blog post to keep everyone updated about the latest on stock movements, availability and ETAs for our customers.
We will update this regularly as information comes to hand so it is important that all of our great customers keep on eye on this blog for the latest information.
Please be aware that during these times our usual back order time frames are a guide only and with many items, wait times will be significantly longer. When placing an order, please keep this in mind to avoid disappointment. We will provide ETAs when we have them for specific products. Please also read our terms, available here, before purchasing.
If you have placed an order, rest assured that you are next in line to receive your purchases as soon as they become available. If you choose to cancel your order, you will forego your place in the queue.

Watch our live video updates every week here

2101/20 - Arriving this week. We have a good supply pf BCW Trading Card Top Loaders in stock. For those waiting on Ultra Pro you might think about considering these as an alternative.

21/01/20 - COIN TUBES are coming! After a long delay we have BCW Round Coin Tubes coming for Australian $2.00 rolls this week. these are higly sought after so be quick.

21/01/20 - Many Ultra Pro stocks are still unavailable, especially One Touches. Supplier has mentioned March to April as a hopeful ETA. Please do not wait for free stock to be available to order as we do not expect free stock of many Ultra Pro items for the forseable future. IT IS STILL BEST to place your orders now and give yourself the best chance of getting stock when it arrives. All orders are fulfilled in date order.
For those who do not know, we allowed these extended back orders to be placed so that customers could lock in their orders with the current Covid situation causing major delays with some products. This means they will get there orders BEFORE free stock is available on the market whenever that may be.

As for 35pt One Touches, this is the case. We have had a small supply of BCW branded ones come in and are offering them to the oldest orders first.

15/12/20 - We are receiving a number of backorders from Lighthouse and Ultimate Guard this week so all being well, we intend to get these out in time for Christmas although some more regional customers may not receive their orders until after. We will do our best and expedite as many orders as we can.

07/12/20 - We have just received notification of a good range of Ultra Pro stock arriving later this week. This will fill a number of backorders that you have been waiting on. Unfortunately regular size toploaders and 35pt One Touch are not available. Some other sizes are coming in. We have some of those items coming from BCW of similar specifications and can and will substitiute back orders where necessary.

26/11/20 - Royal Australian Mint 2021 Baby sets have arrived early and will start shipping from Tuesday 1 December.

07/11/20 - A few updates regarding RAM products. We had a massive amount of orders in the last week and fulfillment has been a struggle. We are mostly caught up with only some recent AC/DC sets that were recently ordered leaving Monday.
We have been notified that 2021 Baby Mint & Proof Sets have been delayed until mid December. Firefighter rolls and Supercars sets are still on schedule.

06/11/20 - We have a small Ultra Pro order coming but will not cover many back orders. The significant issue is One Touch holders. These are not currently in production and the latest from the supplier is that they do not expect them at least until March. This is in line with our original predictions a few months ago.
We will consider cancellations of existing orders for One Touch holders on a case by case basis and waive our usual admin fees on cancelled orders. But no new orders from today will be considered for this.

28/10/20 - 2021 Mint Sets that were initially delayed will now be arriving and shipped in the first week of November.

26/10/20 - Listed below is the current product status for various lines. We are seeing slowdowns in supply again with increased issues in Europe and the USA which will once again have an impact on availability into the future.

  • Ultra Pro - Stocks are very very limited, especially on many popular lines. We are getting stock through slowly but it is mostly being taken up with back orders. We do not expect free stock of many Ultra Pro lines to be available for many months. For One Touch holders, we have been notified this morning that there is STILL NO ETA on these products. Toploaders are in short supply again and there will also be a long wait for these too. 
  • BCW - Similar to Ultra Pro, we have orders in but not expecting significant supply until next year.
  • Lighthouse, Renniks, VST - Stock is flowing well at present, demand is high on some lines and we are endeavoring to keep stocks up to date. In many cases, the 14 day pre order time frame is still possible for many items, but we are concerned about some Lighthouse product into the future as Covid-19 impacts increase overseas affecting international production and shipping
  • Vallejo Paints - We have a significant order in place and it should arrive mid November, there is concern that due to Spain going back into lockdown that availability in the near future will be severely impacted. Our suggestion is to grab what you can for your Christmas painting adventures before it sells out in November.
  • Royal Australian Mint - A number of new releases will be available to order this Thursday 29 October, but due to some production issues, some will not be sent out until later in November.