The COVID-19 Blog - Stock Updates and Back Orders - PLEASE READ

The COVID-19 Blog - Stock Updates and Back Orders - PLEASE READ

October 26, 2020

With the continuing impact of the COVID-19 on worldwide freight and production, we have put in place this blog post to keep everyone updated about the latest on stock movements, availability and ETAs for our customers.
We will update this regularly as information comes to hand so it is important that all of our great customers keep on eye on this blog for the latest information.
Please be aware that during these times our usual back order time frames of 10-15 days are a guide only and with many items at present, wait times will be significantly longer. When placing an order, please keep this in mind to avoid disappointment. We will provide ETAs when we have them for specific products. Please also read our terms, available here, before purchasing.
If you have placed an order, rest assured that you are next in line to receive your purchases as soon as they become available. If you choose to cancel your order, you will forego your place in the queue.

Watch our live video updates every week here

12 January 2022 - We are just waiting on confirmation but we are crossing our fingers for a massive Ultra Pro restock in about 4 weeks, This restock should cover the majority of back orders of the most common lines. We have learnt to not take things as gospel with Ultra Pro and shipments in the last year so, but we are hopeful the restock will cover 95% of back orders in February.

16/12/21 - A few Ultra Pro items arrived last week including Soft Sleeves! We were able to release many back orders last week, of which many of you may now have received. We have a small amount left, but plenty of the 1000 packs.
We also received a small supply of Eclipse binders but not all colours, if you are waiting on a particular colour and would like to swap, please let us know.
This now means we are not expecting any more Ultra Pro until at least February 2022. This also applies to BCW stock as well.

Lighthouse stock is on its way. A pallet came early this week and we have another arriving early next week, so we should be able to fulfil an extensive amount of back orders. We will endeavour to send these orders as Express post or whatever the quickest method we can depending on cost to try and get as many to you for the Christmas break.

02/12/21 - We have about 6 cases of LPG Regular toploaders left after back orders tomorrow. If anyone with orders for Ultra pro or BCW want to swap, please let us know ASAP.

22/11/21 - A little good news for Ultra Pro stock. We have some (not enough!) core lines arriving later this week or early next week. These included premium and black toploaders, 100pt One Touch, Premium Card Sleeves, a good range of Eclipse binders plus a few other lines we have not seen for 6 months or more. Unfortunately there is not enough stock to fill all backorders as we will only receive about a third of what we have on back order, but it is a start. We will be filling oldest orders first from our new despatch facility, so those orders that can be fulfilled will leave as soon as possible. Keep a look at our "Back In Stock" blog for a more comprehensive list of restocks later in the week. 

13/10/21 - For all our customers who are waiting on the Animalia Coins they ordered, good news! The Mint are sending them to us today so we should be able to ship by Monday. I know it has been a long time coming and I thank you all for your patience.

13/10/21 - For those customers waiting on Ultra Pro Penny Sleeves (Soft Sleeves), we have just received the new LPG brand in stock. We are happy to swap them over for you if you would like, please contact us to arrange but first in best dressed as we do not have anywhere near the amount we ordered. Here is the listings

11/10/21 - For those customers waiting on Ultra Pro Regular Toploaders, we have a small  amount of the new LPG brand in stock. We are happy to swap them over for you if you would like, please contact us to arrange but first in best dressed as we do not have anywhere near the amount we ordered. Here is the listing,

We have some not so good news on Ultra Pro. While we are expecting plenty of stock in November on a number of lines, many of the more popular lines like Sleeves, Toploaders and Magnetic One Touches are not expected to arrive now. If so, quantities will be scarce. Will update when we know more.

16/09/21 - A few little items of Ultra Pro filtering through, but nothing significant. We have had notification that a large number of lines are due in from Ultra Pro sometime in November. Too many to list, but if you would like clarification, feel free to email us.
Backorders - With ongoing challenges due to Covid-19 (Increased Postal costs, supplier delays, lockdowns and disruptions, Online Coins & Collectables will no longer, part ship orders, except in the most extreme of cases. If you place an order and there is a back order item on the order, we will allocate available stock and ship the complete order once all items are back in stock. You are welcome to get us to split orders for an additional shipping charge, please contact us to arrange.
If you are placing an order and would like available stock immediately, please place two orders, one with these items and one with backorder items.
Royal Australian Mint - We have been notified that new releases for October will have some heavy delays. Whilst we will be allocated stock and can allow sales, please expect extended delays in receiving your orders.

31/08/21 - We have some excellent news! We have Ultra Pro Stock! 35pt One Touch, Premium Toploaders and Premium sleeves are coming this week. All backorders should be filled with some excess stock, don't know the exact numbers yet but I will post a video on Facebook soon to clarify the details with everyone.

20/08/21  - We have been notified of some Ultra Pro stock coming. Comic backing boards and 3" Card Albums only but we have been out of stock of these for a while. Stock should be in store mid week and we will get backorders out ASAP. Quantities available will be updated soon.

18/08/21 - Once again not much to say this week. There is NO updates for Ultra Pro, supplier does not have any ETAs. Next BCW restock is slated for November. Ultimate Guard and others also have no solid info.

11/08/21 - Not much to update at the moment. We have a little stock coming from BCW this month, but nothing in our main lines. All our three suppliers of popular products like One Touch magnetics, top loaders and card sleeves have no stock. Coin accessories from Lighthouse are also in short supply.
The pandemic continues to cause major disruptions to stock coming into Australia.
For those who are placing back orders, rest assured you are in queue and will be next in line when we are able to get stock in.
Coin releases for this month and September are on track with only minor stock issues.
New releases from the Royal Australian Mint will be live next Thursday as planned.

21/07/21  - Covid delays and lockdowns in Australia's major cities continue to hamper supply. We are waiting to hear news from all suppliers at the moment and those that have stock are in lockdown and logistics are slow. For those chasing Ultra Pro stock. The last communication we had is that Ultra Pro do not have any stock coming to Australia at the moment. This has been the situation for at least three weeks now. I wish we had some better news, but we actually have no news.

23/06/21 - Ultra Pro - We have been notified of a delivery coming Monday or Tuesday next week. Unfortunately there is nowhere near as much stock as we would like. The supplier is at the mercy of Ultra Pro and if they do not send adequate to Australia, there is nothing they can do. BUT...notably we are receiving 35pt One Touch Holders (no freely available stock as what we are receiving will only fill about 2/3 of our backorders), Soft (Penny) Sleeves (will fill all back orders and there will be free stock), 100pt One Touch (small amount of free stock), Red Border Toploaders and a few other little items. We will fill as many backorders as we can from oldest first and start shipping next week.

10/06/21 - Ultra Pro stock, including 35pt One Touch is IN AUSTRALIA! Stock has arrived in the suppliers third party warehouse and will be shipped to them early next week. We hopefully will receive stock within a week of that not withstanding any logistics delays in Victoria due to restrictions

03/06/21 - Ultra Pro and BCW stock has arrived, not a comprehensive but some. UP Soft Sleeves are in and we have free stock to purchase, back orders that could be sent have been shipped. We are still waiting on another larger supply including 35pt One Touches but are seeing logistic delays due to Covid lockdowns in Victoria

25/05/21 - ULTRA PRO ONE TOUCH - We have spoken to the supplier this morning and they have had a delay with their shipment. They are now expecting stock early next week and we should have it about a week later. Incoming stock includes 35pt, 75pt, 100pt and 130pt One Touch holders.

18/05/21 - ULTRA PRO - We have had a second restock of Toploaders and Soft Sleeves arriving tomorrow. This means that the majority of backorders for these items will be filled this week! And we have some Premium Toploaders left over! If you are after these, grab them while you can. At this stage we are still expecting one touch holders at the end of the month still.

35 POINT ONE TOUCH HOLDERS - We have received a large supply of Ultimate Guard 35pt Magnetic holders. These are excellent quality and we are happy to swap these for anyone wanting to get 35pt sooner, just remember the magnet polarity is different so they will not stack the the UP One Touches. Message us if you want to swap.

10/05/21  - ULTRA PRO - Toploaders are coming this week, unfortunately the supplier only received a small proportion of what they had anticipated. They were generous to us and gave us 20% of their stock received. but this will leave us short of what we need and will only be able to fill about half the back orders at this stage. We will do our best to distribute them as fairly as we can.

30/04/21 - RAM products. The mint has advised that die to a packaging issue, RAAF centenary products, Four Coin Set and $10 Coin, will be further delayed. We are not expecting until June now.
Perth Mint has once again missed release with some of their products. We are now not expecting PM May releases for a couple of weeks.

21/04/21 - ULTRA PRO - We have spoken to the importer today and they are expecting significant supply of Standard and Premium Toploaders late April so we should receive stock roughly the first week of May baring any logistics issues. We understand that we should be able to fill ALL back orders to date.
We will also receive One Touch holders, including 35pt, around the last week of May. Once again we believe we will be filling all back orders placed currently at least.
There is still NO information on the supply of Penny Sleeves and Premium Sleeves, supplier has not been provided any details and as such there is no ETA
Other less popular lines from Ultra Pro are still trickling in.

27/03/21 - New BCW stock is in for backorders and free sales. Stocks have finished for a while now and we are not expecting new stock until May. If you are thinking about getting any, grab what you can now.

ULTRA PRO - Some long awaited stock arriving next week, mainly less common size One Touches and some Eclipse Binders. The bigones, Toploaders, Penny sleeves and 35pt One Touch are still not coming to Australia. Small amount of black border 35pt One Touches is coming but all stock is allocated to back orders and there will be no free stock available.

22/03/21 - BCW & ULTRA PRO - We have a big order of BCW One Touches, including 35pt, and Toploaders, Regular and Premium arriving this week. 

To fill a number of Ultra Pro orders we will be substituting these into a number of orders. Product is more than a match for Ultra Pro and witrh the continued delays, we feel we need to fill backorders ASAP.
If you do not want this to happen, please let us know.
We still get buyers wanting to wait for free stock of Ultra Pro to be available on popular lines, this may not happen for many months. You need to place orders to get in the queue.

19/03/21 - ULTRA PRO - We have a few items coming in next week. Most noteably Penny Sleeves, 55pt One Touch and 130pt Toploaders. Those with the oldest orders will be sent first, we will not however have enough penny sleeves to fullfil all back orders yet. More Soon.

01/03/21 - ULTRA PRO - We have been in touch with the supplier this morning. There is an Ultra Pro shipment coming into Australia this month BUT Ultra Pro for whatever reason did not send them Toploaders, Sleeves and One-Touch holder. This means that the current situation is still in play until at least April now.

We will contiue to take back orders so customers can be in the queue to receive stock as soon as it is avaialble. Any cancellations of these backorders will incur an admin fee at our discretion. 

We cannot guarantee when stock will be available in Australia, but when it is we will ship out to orders in the queue FIRST before any free stock is available. With this in mind, we now do not see free stock being available till at least the second half of this year.

We understand that this is not what our customers were wanting to here, unfortunately there is nothing that either Online Coins or the Australian supplier can do.

20/02/21 - ULTRA PRO, Still no confirmed ETA on most of the out of stock Ultra Pro lines. We are crossing fingers for March though.
We do have a restock of most of the Ultra Pro comic storage range arriving Tuesday so grab them while you can! Backorders will be send by Wednesday at the latest.

07/02/21 - We have a number of restocks coming from BCW tomorrow. We will be able to fulfill a number of BCW backorders and with trhis is a number of One Touch holders (not 35pt sorry). We will be sending BCW stock to those who have had long waits on same size Ultra Pro One Touches, quality and build is nearly identical, so we will be sedning these instead. IF YOU DO NOT WANT this to happen, please contact us ASAP.

04/02/21 - New releases from the Royal Australian Mint and Perth Mint for February have some short delays and we are unable to supply until stocks arrive. Please keep this in mind when ordering. We expect delays of 1-2 weeks for this new release stock.

21/01/21 - Arriving this week. We have a good supply pf BCW Trading Card Top Loaders in stock. For those waiting on Ultra Pro you might think about considering these as an alternative.

21/01/21 - COIN TUBES are coming! After a long delay we have BCW Round Coin Tubes coming for Australian $2.00 rolls this week. these are higly sought after so be quick.

21/01/21 - Many Ultra Pro stocks are still unavailable, especially One Touches. Supplier has mentioned March to April as a hopeful ETA. Please do not wait for free stock to be available to order as we do not expect free stock of many Ultra Pro items for the forseable future. IT IS STILL BEST to place your orders now and give yourself the best chance of getting stock when it arrives. All orders are fulfilled in date order.
For those who do not know, we allowed these extended back orders to be placed so that customers could lock in their orders with the current Covid situation causing major delays with some products. This means they will get there orders BEFORE free stock is available on the market whenever that may be.

As for 35pt One Touches, this is the case. We have had a small supply of BCW branded ones come in and are offering them to the oldest orders first.

15/12/20 - We are receiving a number of backorders from Lighthouse and Ultimate Guard this week so all being well, we intend to get these out in time for Christmas although some more regional customers may not receive their orders until after. We will do our best and expedite as many orders as we can.

07/12/20 - We have just received notification of a good range of Ultra Pro stock arriving later this week. This will fill a number of backorders that you have been waiting on. Unfortunately regular size toploaders and 35pt One Touch are not available. Some other sizes are coming in. We have some of those items coming from BCW of similar specifications and can and will substitiute back orders where necessary.

26/11/20 - Royal Australian Mint 2021 Baby sets have arrived early and will start shipping from Tuesday 1 December.

07/11/20 - A few updates regarding RAM products. We had a massive amount of orders in the last week and fulfillment has been a struggle. We are mostly caught up with only some recent AC/DC sets that were recently ordered leaving Monday.
We have been notified that 2021 Baby Mint & Proof Sets have been delayed until mid December. Firefighter rolls and Supercars sets are still on schedule.

06/11/20 - We have a small Ultra Pro order coming but will not cover many back orders. The significant issue is One Touch holders. These are not currently in production and the latest from the supplier is that they do not expect them at least until March. This is in line with our original predictions a few months ago.
We will consider cancellations of existing orders for One Touch holders on a case by case basis and waive our usual admin fees on cancelled orders. But no new orders from today will be considered for this.

28/10/20 - 2021 Mint Sets that were initially delayed will now be arriving and shipped in the first week of November.

26/10/20 - Listed below is the current product status for various lines. We are seeing slowdowns in supply again with increased issues in Europe and the USA which will once again have an impact on availability into the future.

  • Ultra Pro - Stocks are very very limited, especially on many popular lines. We are getting stock through slowly but it is mostly being taken up with back orders. We do not expect free stock of many Ultra Pro lines to be available for many months. For One Touch holders, we have been notified this morning that there is STILL NO ETA on these products. Toploaders are in short supply again and there will also be a long wait for these too. 
  • BCW - Similar to Ultra Pro, we have orders in but not expecting significant supply until next year.
  • Lighthouse, Renniks, VST - Stock is flowing well at present, demand is high on some lines and we are endeavoring to keep stocks up to date. In many cases, the 14 day pre order time frame is still possible for many items, but we are concerned about some Lighthouse product into the future as Covid-19 impacts increase overseas affecting international production and shipping
  • Vallejo Paints - We have a significant order in place and it should arrive mid November, there is concern that due to Spain going back into lockdown that availability in the near future will be severely impacted. Our suggestion is to grab what you can for your Christmas painting adventures before it sells out in November.
  • Royal Australian Mint - A number of new releases will be available to order this Thursday 29 October, but due to some production issues, some will not be sent out until later in November.