The system MATRIX - Discover the perfect storage for self-adhesive coin holders!

This stylish album in a white or black design contains 5 MATRIX slip-in panels for holding 60 white or black MATRIX coin holders. The album and the MATRIX slip-in panels aren’t just especially sturdy, they also perfectly colour coordinated with MATRIX coin holders.
This means your coins will be presented in the best possible way. If needed, the slip-in panels can be individually labelled. The VARIO album holds up to 10 MATRIX slip-in panels and therefore provides enough space for up to 120 coin holders. Incl. matching slipcase and labels for labelling the album. Overall size: 255 x 310 x 65 mm.
Products in the system included Albums in black or white, extra pages in black or white and self adhesive holders of various sizes in black or white.