2019 $5 1oz Nickel Plated Selectively Gold Plated Fine Silver Proof Coin - Echoes of Australian Fauna - Tasmanian Tiger

The thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, may have been extinct since the 1930s but it is still viewed as one of Tasmania’s most familiar animals, often seen in art and literature. This extraordinary 2019 $5 Nickel Plated Silver Proof Coin, featuring black nickel and selective gold plating, depicts a shy thylacine lurking in the lush forests of Tasmania. A stunning collector’s item that is certain to be treasured.
FIRST in the three coin series- Echoes of Australian Fauna
Displayed in presewntation case with Certificate of Authenticity
Australian legal tender coin
Strictly limited to a low mintage of 5000 coins
Specifications - AlBr 9.00g, 25.00mm, Uncirculated Finish
Any questions please do not hesitate to ask