2019 RAM 5 Coin Uncirculated Set 50th Anniversary of the Dodecagon 50c Coin

The 50th anniversary of the Royal Australian Mint’s introduction of the copper-nickel dodecagon fifty cent coin is celebrated in 2019 with this 50 cent Uncirculated Coin Set. The set marks the golden anniversary with a special release gold plated coin and celebrates the five different effigies of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II that have featured on the coins since 1969.
When decimal currency was introduced in 1966, the fifty cent coin was the showpiece of the new circulating coins. It alone contained silver, was round in shape, and featured the Commonwealth Coat of Arms. However, silver prices started to rise above the face value of the coins, and in 1968 the Royal Australian Mint ceased production of the coins.
The new coins, released in 1969, were twelve-sided or dodecagonal in shape, and manufactured in copper-nickel alloy. The new coin shape differentiated the fifty cent coins more easily from the round twenty cent coins. In the time since its introduction in 1969, the coins have borne five different effigies of the Queen, and a range of commemorative designs, making them attractive to collectors.
Features special release coins including a gold plated 50c piece to mark the 50th anniversary
The coins’ obverses feature the effigies of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed by Arnold Machin, Rafael Maklouf, Vladimir Gottwald, Ian Rank-Broadley and Jody Clark
The coins’ reverses feature the Commonwealth Coat of Arms designed by Stuart Devlin
Packaged in an attractivepresentation folder and outer slipcase
Australian legal tender coins
Maximum Mintage: 20,000