2020 Firefighter Coloured $2.00 Coin - BULLSEYE ERROR - Gem Uncirculated


A extremely rare coin at it's best!

This coin was found while breaking up and official mint roll of 2020 $2 Firefighter Coloured Coins. The staff member was using gloves on a felt surface and when the coin was found we placed in a Lighthouse Quadrum Intercept capsule for safe storage.

A "BULLSEYE" error is when the colour print on the Australian Two dollar coins is accidentally applied to the obverse (QEII Effigy). The mint has technology in place to scan coins as part of the colour printing process and in this case, the coin has slipped through undetected.

These coins are very very rare and of the handful of similar coins that have sold, pricing has been from $5000 to as high as $13000 depending on the coin.

As mentioned, this coin was directly removed from a Royal Australian Mint official sealed roll. It is in brilliant uncirculated condition and is most attractive to the eye.

Due to a lack of any significant amounts of these type of coins in existence a solid valuation is difficult but we have priced the coin mid range and are happy to consider offer, but serious ones only.

If you have any questions regarding this item, please feel free to contact us.