2021 RAM $2 Tooth Fairy Uncirculated Coin in Card


PLEASE NOTE: Our stocks of this item are getting low, but MORE ARE COMING in April. This is not a limited release product and the mint will make them as long as demand is sustained. So once we run out, we will still enable back orders. Do not pay the inflated prices you see on eBay or Facebook

For decades, Australian children have marked the occasion of losing a

baby tooth by leaving the tooth out at night for the ‘Tooth Fairy’ to
collect and replace with a coin. This Tooth Fairy Coin-In Card makes the
occasion extra special for children with this unique coin.

The legend of the Tooth Fairy has been treasured by Australian children
since the 1920s, based on centuries-old traditions of replacing baby teeth
with a gift. In modern times parents and grandparents often enhance the
sense of magic with special keepsakes.

This Tooth Fairy Coin-in-Card celebrates the special relationship between
the Tooth Fairy and the Royal Australian Mint, official supplier of coins to
the Tooth Fairy in Australia. The Coin is intended as a special gift from
parents, grandparents and others to children – to mark the occasion of
losing baby teeth with a special keepsake Tooth Fairy coin.

• Specially designed Tooth Fairy coin -in-card
• Coin’s obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
designed Jody Clark
• Australian legal tender