2021 RAM Six Coin Uncirculated Year Set - 50th Anniversary of the Australian Aboriginal Flag


PLEASE NOTE - Due to production issues, this item is back order. Stock is expected late April to May

The Royal Australian Mint’s 2021 Uncirculated Six-Coin Set
commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Australian Aboriginal Flag –
a touchstone of our modern history, an official Flag of Australia and a
symbol of pride and unity for our First Nations People. The set includes a
collector version of the commemorative coloured $2 coin produced for
circulation to commemorate this anniversary.

The Australian Aboriginal Flag was first flown on 12 July 1971 at a land
rights march in Adelaide’s Victoria Square, and appeared again the
following year at the beginnings of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in
Canberra. The flag was defiantly carried by Cathy Freeman when she won
gold at the 1994 Commonwealth Games, and on 28 May 2000 it flew
atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge as more than 250,000 people marched
in solidarity beneath it. In 1995 the flag was proclaimed an official Flag of
Australia and has proudly flown outside official buildings across the
nation ever since.

Harold Thomas’ iconic design has become an emotive symbol of our
contemporary history for both Aboriginal Australians and the wider

The set features a specially designed coloured two dollar coin inspired
by Harold Thomas’ iconic Australian Aboriginal Flag.
• A unique design element on the two dollar coin has the yellow circle of
the flag represented by the gold alloy of the coin itself.
• Packaged in the Mint’s new six-coin capsule, complete with
presentation card, and outer sleeve.