2021 Royal Australian Mint - Six Coin Proof Baby Year Set


Imagine if the animals on Australia’s circulating coins were transformed into adorable baby toys!
The 2021 Proof Baby Coin Set from the Royal Australian Mint does just
that, creating a uniquely Australian and simply adorable numismatic
memento. The perfect first gift for any little newborn collector!
The Royal Australian Mint has released annual baby sets since 1995 with
themes including classic children’s stories and adorable baby animals.
For the 2021 Proof Baby Coin Set we have looked a little closer to home
and reimagined three of Australia’s distinct circulating coin as gorgeous
baby toys.
A posable wooden echidna snuggles on the 5c, a cute wind-up platypus
swims amongst the bubbles on the 20c, while an adorable mob of
cuddly plush kangaroos flop about on the back of the $1 coin.
Altogether, they create a unique and engaging year set that celebrates
the arrival of a new baby, the wonders of a child’s imagination and the
simple joys of collecting.

• The set features unique toy themed redesigns of the 5c echidna, 20c
platypus and $1 Mob of Roos
• Packaged in a presentation case with theme card and outer box
• Struck to the Mint’s renowned proof quality