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2015 RAM Uncirculated Six Coin Mint Set - 50th Anniversary of the Royal Australian Mint


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The annual tradition of year sets of Australian coins continues
and in 2015 marks a very special milestone for the Mint.
On our golden anniversary, this proof set celebrates 50 years
of producing coins which have been collected and cherished
by generations of Australians.

On 22 February 1965, the Royal Australian Mint was
opened by His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke
of Edinburgh. This heralded the start of a new era: the
first wholly Australian-operated mint, established
to manufacture the coins that would become such a
strong part of Australia’s identity after the changeover
to decimal currency.

Since that day, over 14 billion circulating coins have
been produced at the Mint, becoming iconic works of
art which have traversed the entire country.

From Stuart Devlin’s acclaimed fauna designs and Horst
Hahne’s dignified image of an Indigenous elder, to the
commemorative coins honouring siginificant events
and dates, these pieces have reflected the story of a
proud and thriving nation. In this year of celebrating
the Mint’s 50th anniversary, this set featuring a Commorative 50 cent coin will become treasured by casual
and serious coin collectors who will appreciate the
significance of this milestone.

Details of the historical significance
of the Royal Australian Mint
A new 50 cent coin design, featuring
a honeycomb to symbolise the ‘worker bees’
who tirelessly produce Australia’s coins on
a daily basis
Obverse of each coin features Queen Elizabeth II
effigy sculpted by Ian Rank-Broadley
Australian legal tender