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2016 RAM Australian $1 "C" Mintmark Silver Proof Coin - Australia's First Mints


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On the 50th anniversary of Australian decimal currency, this beautiful silver piece pays tribute to the coins, mints and gold rushes which were vital chapters in the early story of our currency. As a special silver edition of the Mint’s gallery press coin, it will be a popular piece with coin enthusiasts and history buffs
Throughout the 19th century, Australian currency was an assortment of foreign coins, promissory notes and rum trades. The gold rush of this era became a pivotal period for Australian society, helping to develop both a form of currency and a unique identity.

The first factory to utilise this gold was the Adelaide Assay Office (established in 1852), which in its short life produced gold ingots and Australia’s first gold coin, the Adelaide Pound. As England did not authorise the use of the pound, it soon faded into obscurity and official branches of the Royal Mint opened in Sydney (1855), Melbourne (1872) and Perth (1899). These mints produced sovereigns and other pre-decimal coins until the Royal Australian Mint opened in 1965 and became the country’s sole producer of circulating coins.

One of the most visible legacies of these mints was the single-letter mintmarks, which showed astute collectors the birthplace of their coins

A celebration of the growth in Australian society’s growth from the 19th Century gold rush
Coin’s reverse emulates a Sydney Mint sovereign, a design unique to Australia
‘C’ mintmark continues the tradition of the mintmark as used by Australia’s first mints
Struck on 99.9% fine silver to the Royal Australian Mint’s proof standard

Packaged in an attractive presentation case with outer box

Certificate of Authenticity

Coin’s obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed by Ian Rank-Broadley
Low mintage

Australian legal tender

Metal: 99.9% Ag

Mass: 11.66g

Diameter: 25.00mm

Finish: Proof

Maximum Mintage: 5,000

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