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2016 RAM WMF BERLIN – SPECIAL RELEASE $1 Uncirculated Coin in Card - Buddy Bear


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First appearing in Berlin in 2001 and now recognised by the United Nations, Buddy Bear promotes peace and harmony all around the world. A never before seen privy mark makes this coin a wanted item by coin collectors, especially those who can’t make it to the World Money Fair Berlin 2016 and those who want to share in the Buddy Bears story.

To mark an important anniversary in Australian coin history – 50 years of decimal currency – the Mint has produced a number of special products just for World Money Fair Berlin 2016 (WMF). 

The special release Buddy Bear Privy Mark Coin pays tribute to the worldwide Buddy Bear campaign and our presence at WMF in Berlin. Buddy Bears started life as an art project in Berlin in 2001 and became much-loved landmarks throughout the city. With over 40 exhibitions, spanning 5 continents, the two metre tall fibreglass sculptures of Buddy Bear have become a global symbol of tolerance and international understanding. Each Buddy Bear represents their country’s culture through design created by a chosen artist from their native country. Australia’s very own Buddy Bear, designed by renowned artist Ken Done, made its debut at the Sydney exhibition in 2006 and now represents Australia in the UNITED BUDDY BEARS campaign around the globe.

Never before seen Privy Mark - Buddy Bear

World Money Fair Berlin 2016 Special Release

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