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2016 Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue New Zealand & Dependencies 6th Edition


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6th Edition
The Stanley Gibbons 2016 New Zealand Catalogue 6th Edition is a detailed and highly informative catalogue, ideal for any collector who specialises in the stamps of this area. This catalogue provides a comprehensive priced listing of all New Zealand stamps from the early colonial stamps of 1855 to July 2016. It includes Antarctic Expeditions, Tokelau and Ross as well as other islands and dependencies.  Apart from the stamps of the current issuing country, the Stanley Gibbons New Zealand Catalogue covers a number of other areas of interest: • New Zealand Stamp Design Index from 1946 • New Zealand Stamp Booklets and Premium Booklets  • Express Delivery Stamps, Postage Due Stamps, Official Stamps, Life Insurance Department and Postal Fiscal Stamps • Antarctic Expeditions (Victoria Land) • Ross Dependency  • Tokelau Islands  • Aitutaki (New Zealand Dependency, 1903–27) • Cook Islands (British Protectorate, 1892–9) • Cook Islands (New Zealand Territory, 1901–65) • Niue (New Zealand Dependency, 1902–74) • Penrhyn Island (New Zealand Dependency, 1902–29) • Western Samoa (Independent Kingdom, 1877–1900) • Western Samoa (New Zealand Occupation, 1914–19) • Western Samoa (League of Nations Mandate, 1920–46) • Western Samoa (United Nations Trust Territory, 1952–8) 
Published by Stanley Gibbons Ltd, ISBN 9780852599983
Soft Cover Book
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