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Through the eyes of a nation not accustomed to conflict at home, war in our otherwise peaceful region still seems hard to comprehend so many years later. Uniquely told on these Australian legal tender coins is the story of how war arrived in our area and how we managed a successful defence against experienced and motivated aggressors.
For Australia, the first years of the Second World War were spent fighting alongside British forces in Europe, North Africa and in the Mediterranean. Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and subsequent advances throughout the Asia-Pacific region brought war much closer to home than ever before. The fall of Singapore followed by the bombing of Darwin and submarine attacks in Sydney Harbour in 1942, confirmed that our homeland was a strategic target for Japanese forces in the region. Fighting back, many Australian servicemen and women helped stop the advance of Axis powers in the Pacific. Honouring the memory of these events with commemorative coins, the Royal Australian Mint proudly announces the release of the four coin set – A War Close to Home./li>
Australia assaulted the German army’s formidable Hindenburg Line defences between the villages of Bullecourt and Riencourt on 11 April. The infantry crossed no man’s land completely unsupported but achieved a tenuous toehold in the German position. Subjected to fierce counterattacks, the Australians were ultimately forced to withdraw, having lost more than 3000 casualties. Of these, 1170 became surrounded in the maze of enemy trenches and were forced to surrender to German troops.
Set contains four highly detailed commemorative coins, reflecting on events during the Second World War including Sydney Harbour, the Coral Sea, Milne Bay, and on the Kokoda Track
Blister packed in an information card
Packaged in a display card with historical information about the Battle of Ballecourt
Limited mintage of only 15 000 sets
Coin’s obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II sculpted by Ian Rank-Broadley
Australian legal tender
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