Only 100 years ago, the wide brown land of Australia was a spectacular, but impassable, terrain. With 4000 kilometres between the east and west coasts, and some of the driest and hottest land one can encounter, unity across the country was a distant hope
In the late 1800s, with Australia’s Federation on the horizon, Western Australia Premier Sir John Forrest promised the railway line to the people of his colony, to maintain their enthusiasm about joining the new nation. In October 1917, the 1698 kilometre track was opened, stretching from Kalgoorlie to Port Augusta, and traversing the spectacular but foreboding Nullarbor Plain.
In the century that has passed, freight, mail and passengers have all been carried across the Railway line, with journeys ranging from practical and functional to whimsical and extravagant. Upon opening, it united a young country like never before. One hundred years later, it continues to be a celebrated and iconic piece of the Australian story.
A celebration of the centenary of the iconic Trans-Australian Railway
Coins’ reverse features an artistic depiction of a train crossing the Australian landscape on the Railway line
Four-coin uncirculated set includes a full set of ‘C’, ‘S’, ‘B’ and ‘M’ mintmarks/privy marks
Coins’ obverse features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II effigy sculpted by Ian Rank-Broadley
Australian legal tender
Specifications: AlBr 9.0g 25.00 mm Uncirculated 15000 Mintage
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