2017 RAM Ford Classic Collection 11x 50c Coloured Uncirculated Carded Coin Set

Built for Australians, by Australians. This simple premise ignited the manufacturing sector with the affordable Model T. Manufactured in Geelong, the popularity of the Model T would drive demand for manufacturing operations to spread across the country. In 2017 the Royal Australian Mint presents a fascinating series of collectible coins attractive to those wishing to celebrate the era of manufacturing ushered in by the Ford Motor Company of Australia.
Ford began manufacturing in Australia in 1925 when Geelong was selected as the site for its first local factory. Creating thousands of jobs within Ford Australia and nurturing hundreds of local suppliers. The effect of locally manufactured automobiles on our lives was significant – the daily lives of Australians were transformed in terms of how we arrived to work or social events, and how we explored our expansive country. As illustrated by the extreme popularity of other recent automotive-themed coin products, cars capture the imaginations of many collectors. The Mint has worked in close collaboration with Ford Australia to bring you this collection.
Uncirculated coins in a presentation card with corresponding vehicle model information
Item is for the standard release 11 Coloured Coins featuring the Model T, Model 40 Ute, Mainline, XK, XR, XY, XA, XC, ZH, XE and Cortina
Australian Legal Tender
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