2019 RAM $1 Uncirculated Coin In Card - Mutiny and Rebellion - The Bounty

The infamous Mutiny on HMS Bounty was a dramatic event, This 2018 uncirculated $1 coin commemorated the fateful mutiny that to the settlement of a unique community on Norfolk Island, and to the appointment of the infamous Captain Bligh as Governor of New South Wales. in Australian colonial history.
On 27 April 17989, tensions aboard HMS Bounty boiled over. As the ship left Tahiti for Britain - with its sailors reluctant to leave the lush island - Captain William Bligh's infamous ill temper started to provoke his crew to rebellion.
On 28 April, the Bounty's crew mutinied. Bligh and eighteen sailors were forced into an overloaded launch and set adrift on the ocean. Remarkably, most survived to return to Britain and be hailed as heroes.
In the meantime a small group of the mutineers, led by Fletcher Christian. made their way to settle Pitcairn Island. Many years later the colony that they founded moved to Norfolk Island, where their descendants still live today, proud of their unique culture and language.
Captain Bligh was eventually appointed Governor of New South Wales - where his explosive temper once again incited rebellion.
2019 $1 AlBr uncirculated coin.
Reverse design reflects the drama of the Mutiny on the Bounty.
Obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II sculpted by Ian Rank-Broadley
Australian legal tender coin
Specifications: $1 AlBr 9.00g 25.00mm
Maximum Mintage: 30,000