2020 $1.00 QANTAS CENTENARY Uncirculated Coin


This special release of Australia's iconic One Dollar Coins has been created in
celebration of the centenary of Qantas – Australia’s own ‘Flying
Kangaroo’. Qantas staff past and present, aviation enthusiasts and coin
collectors will all treasure this memento of our pioneering air service.
The story of Qantas is a story of connection. From a tiny company of two
aircraft and three staff, it started by allowing graziers to connect across
some of Australia’s most difficult terrain. Through its connections with
the Royal Flying Doctors, Qantas helped to bring medical aid to
Australians in remote areas. During the Second World War, it maintained
air contact with the United Kingdom and its technology and staff carried
out vital air services.
The post-war history of Qantas runs parallel to Australia’s history of
expansion and connection with the rest of the world. Thanks to Qantas,
travel to and from Australia became a possibility for the wider population.
Today Qantas connects Australians with each other and the world, both
physically through its flight services, and also through the history that it
shared with the developing nation.
Coin’s reverse features the ‘Spirit of Australia’ with the iconic Flying
Kangaroo and a stylised Boeing Dreamliner flying over the 100 to signify Qantas’s centenary
Coin’s obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed by Jody Clark
Australian legal tender

Coin is uncirculated and will be shipped in a Lighthouse 2x2 Holder

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask