2020 50c Round CuNi Gold Plated Uncirculated Coin - Australian Olympic Team

The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo Japan will bring together sports enthusiasts from around the world to be thrilled and inspired by elite athletes competing in a spirit of friendship. In support of the Australian Olympic Team, the Royal Australian Mint has released this 2020 50c gold-plated coin, celebrating the Olympic achievements that can inspire us all.
The modern summer Olympic Games were first held in Athens in 1896, based on the ancient games held in Olympia, Greece. The Olympics, believed to be the world’s major sporting event, is held every four years. In 2020 Tokyo Japan will host the Olympic Games from 24 July to 9 August, with elite athletes from around the world joining to compete in a range of sporting events. Australia has participated in every modern Olympic Games since 1896.
In 2020 the Australian Olympic Team will compete in Tokyo. The focus of the Australian Team for 2020 is on the journey undertaken by the athletes, and how their experience can inspire all Australians from all walks of life. The Olympic spirit is of cooperation, determination, and fulfilment through facing challenges, and this spirit exists in all of us.
With this collectible coin the Mint proudly demonstrates our support for Taliqua Clancy and all of our Olympic athletes.
Coin’s reverse reflects Australia’s pride in our 2020 Australian Olympic Ambassador Taliqua Clancy, and incorporates/includes/is bordered by elements reflecting Tokyo as the host of the Games
Presented on a colourful card for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games
Coin’s obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II designed by Jody Clark
Coin’s reverse reflects the spirit of the Australian Olympics Team for Tokyo 2020
Australian legal tender
Gold-plated coin supporting Australia’s Olympic Team
Specifications: Denomination 50c, Metal CuNi, Mass 15.37g, Diameter 31.51mm
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