2020 Mintmark and Privy Mark $1 AlBr Four Uncirculated Coin Set Eureka! Australia's Gold Rush


The discovery of gold in Australia set off a wild chain of events that
ultimately led to Federation and the development of modern Australia.
An unexpected hero of the gold rush was the hardy camel, an animal
imported to Australia by enterprising ‘Afghan’ cameleers, responsible for
bringing water and supplies to remote miners and settlers in places
unreachable by horses.
Camels and their Afghan handlers played crucial roles in the
development of Western Australia’s gold mining industry. After gold was
discovered in Western Australian, large numbers of cameleers travelled
to the region.
Camels were ideal animals for the vast distances of Western and South
Australia. They travelled well in a desert climate, could manage for a long
time without water, and could feed on the scrubby local vegetation. They
were able to carry large amounts, and soon became invaluable for
hauling food, water and equipment to prospecting sites.
The descendants of many cameleers and their charges still live in
Australia. Their stories are celebrated in this set of four 2020 $1 Mintmark
and Privy Mark coins.

The third of a three-year theme of Colonial Australia

Packaging features illustration of Australia’s goldfields camels

Coin’s reverse design reflects the exciting and wild period of
Australia’s Gold Rush

Coin’s obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
designed by Jody Clark

Australian legal tender

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