2020 RAM Australian Olympic Team $5 1oz Silver Domed Proof Coin


Australian audiences will be ready to eagerly support Australia’s Olympic Team

as they compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The Royal Australian Mint
has released this 2020 $5 silver proof domed coin in support of our Olympic
Team as we reflect on the personal journeys of our athletes.

The 2020 summer Olympic Games will take place in Tokyo, Japan. The modern
Olympic Games have been held 1896, based on the original ancient Olympic
Games of Greece. The purpose of the Olympics is to bring together athletes from
around the world to compete in a spirit of friendly competition, Australia has
participated in every modern summer Olympic Games since the first was held in
Athens in 1896.

Elite Australian athletes will travel to Tokyo to compete in a range of
sporting events. The focus of Australia’s Olympic team is to share with
Australians the personal journeys of the athletes, recognising that there is
more to the Olympic spirit than just sports and competing. Striving for
personal best and finding achievement in overcoming challenges is
relevant to all Australians.
• Silver proof domed coin
• Maximum mintage 2020
• Coin’s reverse reflects the spirit of the Australian Olympics Team for
• Presented in a display case
• Certificate of Authenticity
• Coin’s obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
designed by Jody Clark
• Australian legal tender