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2022 Australian Dinosaurs $1 Uncirculated Loose Coin - Diamantinasaurus

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    Royal Australian Mint

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    Dinosaur Coins


This $1 coin was released alongside three other coins featuring a slice of Australian Dinosaur history. These Dinosaurs; the Diamantinasaurus, the Kunbarrasaurus, the Australovenator and an Elaphrosaurine, are dated back from the Cretaceous Period - An epic 145 million to 66 million years  ago.

While the dinosaurs’ names are quite a mouthful, you’re bound to recognise Australia’s best-known sauropod, Diamantinasaurus matildae, which was a whopping 16 to 20 metres long, or maybe the Kunbarrasaurus ieversi, which was covered in bony armour. Skeletons of both these species have been found in Queensland, along with the carnivorous and frightening-looking Australovenator wintonensis.  Completing the collection is the elaphrosaurine theropod, which was discovered in Victoria and thought to enjoy a plant-based diet. Each coin gives a nod to the creatures that inhabited Australia long before humans and will no doubt be a catalyst for much discussion as collectors discover more about these magnificent animals.


- Mintage: Unlimited
- Finish: Uncirculated
- Metal: Aluminium Bronze