Klaus Teuber's Catan Expansion Cities & Knights


Progress Develop Defend

Dark clouds gather over the once peaceful landscape.  Wild barbarians, lured by Catan's wealth and Power, maneuver to attack.  Their massive warships loom against the bright orange horizon.  You must be strong ! Barbarians attack the weakest targets, and the victim of their onslaught will be the player who contributes the least to the defence of Catan.

Please understand that the following changes have been made. 1. The boxes have all transitioned from landscape to portrait. 2. The graphics of all covers and tiles and cards were executed by the same artist. 3. The backs of all cards remain the same, the faces of the cards are new art. 4. The tiles have similar perspective to the 4th edition tiles, but the art is new and slightly different, it’s a new artist. 5. The dice remain the same 6. The wood components remain the same colours and supplier. 7. The rules book contains new graphics. 8. The tile size and cut remain the same as the previous 4th edition, since July 2013.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask