Collall Photo and Stamp Glue 50ml Tube (35g) - DITCH THE HINGES AND CORNERS!!


SAFE AND EASY TO USE, REMOVABLE - Peels of photos or stamps minimizing the risk of damage to your items.

Type of glue: Semi-transparent, repositionable glue based on special boiling point spirit

Characteristics: Repositionable, quick-binding, glue residues easily rubbed off

Chemical properties: Natural rubber dissolved in special boiling point spirit

Appearance: Thick, fluid, translucent/cloudy, strong special boiling point spirit odour 

Application for gluing paper, carton, cork, textile, leather, photos. Glued items can be easily detached.

Attention: glue based on a soluble agent can affect other objects (e.g. varnished). First test the photo glue on a small unnoticeable spot.

Suitable for Children above the age of 6 (under supervision)

Stains: Do not use water, but remove stains with special boiling point spirit or with Collall Glue Thinner for Photo Glue

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