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Perth Mint 1987 1/10oz Gold Bullion Coin - Little Hero

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    Royal Australian Mint

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    $15 Gold Coin


The reverse of the coin portrays the Little Hero Nugget on a background of radial lines. In tiny letters in the lowest part of the nugget, the initials of the designer: SD (for Stuart Devlin).

In the central circle below, the name of the nugget and the year of its discovery: LITTLE HERO 1890.

Around left, the name of the series: THE AUSTRALIAN NUGGET. Around right, the precious metal content, 1/10 OZ. FINE GOLD (one tenth of a troy ounce of gold). Around below, the date of issue · 1987

The Australian tenth-ounce gold piece is a bullion coin format.

The first coins in this format were issued by the Perth Mint in what was then called the Australian Nugget series - named after the natural gold nuggets featured on the reverse. However, the series soon started featuring kangaroos instead, and was eventually renamed to Australian Kangaroo.

This gold coin is part of The Australian Nugget bullion series, and features the Little Hero natural gold nugget.

The 333-ounce Little Hero nugget was found in 1890 in the goldfields near Marble Bar, Western Australia.