RAM 2020 $1 Silver Proof Selectively Gold Plated 'C' Mintmark Coin Eureka! Australia's Gold Rush


The discovery of gold in Australia set off a wild chain of events that
ultimately led to Federation and the development of modern Australia.
Among the many stories of the Gold Rush was the thrilling 1869
discovery of the enormous Welcome Stranger nugget by two fortunate
Cornish miners. Stories like theirs enticed thousands of hopeful
prospectors to settle in Australia.
The Welcome Stranger was the discovery of miners John Deason and
Richard Oates, seasoned gold prospectors hoping to find their fortune in
Victoria. They were working in Bulldog Gully, near Moliagul in Central
Victoria. On the morning of 5 February 1869, Deason was working
around the roots of a tree when his pick struck something hard a few
centimeters beneath the surface, and broke. He is purported to have
exclaimed in annoyance ‘I wish it was a nugget’.
It turned out to be a single nugget of alluvial gold that weighed around
70kg. This extraordinary discovery, estimated to be worth millions in
today’s money, encouraged thousands of hopeful prospectors to come to
Australia to try their luck. The excitement and drama of the Gold Rush
has inspired this 2020 $1 ‘C’ mintmark silver coin, featuring selective
gold plating.

The third of a three-year theme of Colonial Australia

Displayed in a presentation case with a numbered Certificate of

Mintage 5500

Specifications: 99.99% Ag, 11.66g, 25.00mm Dia. Proof Finish, Selectively Gold Plated

Coin’s obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
designed by Jody Clark

Australian legal tender

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask