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RM 1977 Crown - Silver Jubilee

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This crown coin was issued to mark the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II - the 25 Anniversary of her accession to the thrones of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms.

Both sides (the reverse and the Queen's portrait on the obverse) were designed by Arnold Machin.

At the time of decimalisation in 1971, the United Kingdom Crown coin (equal to 5 shillings) was redenominated as a 25p coin and pieces struck prior to 1990 - all the way back to 1818 - continue to be legal tender for that amount. The old denomination had been a regular circulating coin in the 19th century, but in the 20th century it became more of a commemorative denomination.

The Royal Mint continued issuing commemorative coins in the same format - using the traditional coin dimensions, but in copper-nickel just as the last pre-decimal crowns had been, also denominated as 25 pence.

Although not circulating, these coins are legal tender for 25 pence.

Mintage Issued: 193,800 (included in total)
Material: 0.925 Silver