Spyfall 2 Board Game - Hobby World

Spyfall 2 is a really simple and exciting party game unlike any other, the one in which you get to be a spy and try to understand what's going on around you.
In the beginning of the game at least one player receives the "Spy" card, while all others receive cards with the location on it. Players then start asking questions to each other — "Why are you dressed so strangely?" or "When was the last time we got a paycheck?" or anything else you can come up with. Spies do not know which location they are at, so they have to listen carefully; and others players would try to guess — who’s a spy among them judging by answers.
Whoever uncovers the unknown information first will score victory points! After a few rounds of guessing, suspicion and bluffing, the game ends and the player that has scored the most points is victorious!