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2005 Six Coin Uncirculated Year Set - 60th Anniversary End of WWII

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    Royal Australian Mint

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    Year Set


The 2005 Royal Australian Mint six coin uncirculated mint set showcases Australian circulating coin designs and is minted in an uncirculated finish.

The set commemorates the 60th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War and includes six uncirculated coins: Two dollars, the commemorative "Dancing Man" One dollar, the commemorative "Remembrance " Fifty cents, the commemorative "Coming Home" Twenty cents, Ten cents, and Five cents

To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War, the Royal Australian Mint released the 2005 Six Coin Sets featuring images from the Second World War. The coin set features three evocative designs capturing some of the emotions and spirit of Australia in the 1940s. These designs are representative of: Peace, Remembrance and Coming Home

Peace – Captures the joy and spontaneity of one of Australias most iconic images. The One Dollar coin features the ‘Dancing Man, in Elizabeth Street, Sydney taken on the 15th August 1945 during victory celebrations on VJ Day at end of the Second World War
Remembrance – Inspired by images from El Alamein, Egypt in November 1942. The Fifty cent design captures the sombre and reflective mood of remembrance and of the enormous cost of all conflicts
Coming Home – Ilustrates the powerful image of ‘coming home to family. The Twenty cent design is inspired by an image from the Australian War Memorial (taken on the 29th of July 1945) of an Australian soldier, an ex-prisoner of war returning home and seeingfamily after many years apart
This set is the perfect collectible item and also an affordable gift for children born in 2005

Please Note: These are second-hand collectables and may contain scratches, creases, marks, toning or other minor damage. Feel free to ask for photos before purchasing.