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2023 50c CuNi Coloured Uncirculated Carded Coin - 50th anniversary of AC/DC

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    Royal Australian Mint

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    50c Carded Coin


AD/DC are Australian music icons and this year commemorates 50 years since forming in 1973. To recognise Australia's most popular rock band, the Royal Australian Mint is releasing three coins, which will appeal to AC/DC fans as well as new and repeat collectors. the program follows the release of the AC/DC 45th Anniversary program released in 2018.

AC/DC was formed in 1973 by brothers Malcom and Angus Young, with Angus Young the only remaining original member.

Founded in Sydney, the group takes their name from the abreviation of the "alternating current / direct current" electricity. Suggested by Malcolm and Angus's sister, Margaret Young, the group thought the name was representative og their high energy and powerful music style.

The group toured the wold, playing to soldout arenas, and have sold more than 200 million albums over the past five decades. After semi-retiring, the current members re-grouped to release their 2020 album Power Up, which went o number one in more than 20 countries.

AC/DC's popularity is solidified in Australia, with the group a cultural icon. Their music has transcended decades, trends and tragedy with several former group members, including founder Malcolm Young dying.


Denomination 50c
Year 2023
Metal content CuNi
Mass 15.55g
Diameter 31.51mm
Finish Uncirculated
Product 17 cm (L)x 10cm (H) x 0.1 cm(W)
Product Mass 50g
Maximum mintage 30,000
Packaging Coin in card
Obverse designer J. Clark
Reverse designer LAshe

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