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COMIC COMBO - ULTIMATE GUARD - Standard SILVER Size Comic Bags & Backing Boards x 100

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    Ultimate Guard

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    Silver Size


Ultimate Guard Comic Storage Bundle

Includes 1 Pack of Comic Bags

  • High quality polypropylene bags for the protection and archival safe storage of Silver size comics. 100 bags per pack.
  • Acid free, no PVC
  • Extra high clearness
  • Secure Archiving
  • Collector's Grade
  • Prevents scratches and soiling
  • Bag size 181 x 268 mm

Includes 1 Pack of Comic Boards

  • Rigid backing boards, made of high quality coated cardboard, for keeping your silver-sized comics crease-free. 100 boards per pack.
  • 100% acid free*, certified by independent lab
  • Excellent volume and rigidity
  • Extra thick Backing Board weight (Min. 400g/m2)
  • Premium front side coating
  • Size 178 x 266 mm