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VST Coin Album Padded leatherette Cover Including 6 Coin Album Pages - BLUE

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  • Vendor:

    VST Australia

  • Type:

    6-Page Coin Albums


  • Coin Albums suitable for world coins etc
  • 2 x padded covers

6 pages containing softening agent- the 6 included pages will hold 283 coins
Includes -

1x 20 Pocket Pages, 1x 30 Pocket Pages, 1x 42 Pocket Pages, 1x 56 Pocket Pages, 1x 63 Pocket Pages, and 1x 72 Pocket Pages.

Please Note:
 VST Coin Album pages are designed as a basic entry level storage systems for common circulated coins. 
Coins stored in these albums may “tone” over years of storage, meaning the colour of the coin may change. These pages are not considered archival safe and will deteriorate over time and we do not advise using these for long term storage of valuable coins. It is recommended to replace the pages after a minumum of 5 years.

However, if coins are put inside archival safe sleeves or coin holders where they do not come in contact with the copysafe plastic, the coins can remain safe from the toning or deterioting plastic. These particular album pockets are only sized to fit the designated decimal coins and wont likely fit a sleeve or coin holder.

Extension posts can be used to add to pages such as Varying sized pages20 Pocket Pages30 Pocket Pages, 42 Pocket Pages, 56 Pocket Pages, 63 Pocket Pages, and 72 Pocket Pages.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask