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Lighthouse Intercept SL 50 Box for 50 Certified, Graded or Generic Slabs

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    Online Coins and Collectables

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    Slab Cases


This box actively protects your coins from oxidation thanks to the INTERCEPT® material inside.

For 50 slab coin capsules (EVERSLAB, QUICKSLAB, PCGS, NGC, etc.).

Suitable for coins and medals made of copper, gold, silver, brass, etc.

Overall size: 321 x 152 x 97 mm (12 5/8 x 6 x 3 7/8").

The way an INTERCEPT® box works is based on over 30 years of patented INTERCEPT® technology: the copper particles contained in the material permanently bond with corrosive gases and create a neutralised atmosphere in the shortest time possible, protecting the coins and paper from tarnishing (guaranteed protection for up to 15 years!). This method has been proven in line with approved DIN, EN, ISO and ASTM standards. In order to prolong the effectiveness of the INTERCEPT® box beyond 15 years, it is recommended that you close the box immediately after use and avoid opening it frequently

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