Lighthouse Mahogany MBKAB10M Lockable Coin Case for up to 10 MB Coin Drawers


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  • Lighthouse SKU: 301415
  • High-quality chest with mahogany colored finish for up to 10 MB coin drawers or 6 XL coin drawers..
  • Premium look makes it ideal as an item of furniture.
  • Lined with light felt, lockable (2 keys).
  • Overall size: 260 x 230 x 343 mm (10 ¼ x 9 x 13 ½").
  • Coin boxes are not included.
  • Packed item is large and weighs nearly 4kg for Australia post, please request a quote.
  • Please note that the drawers are not included in this listing but can found by searching DRAWER
  • Any questions please do not hesitate to ask