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Lighthouse Ultra Coin Capsules INTERCEPT - Round 41mm Packet of 10 (Suitable For Most 1oz Australian Silver Coins)

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    41mm - 1oz Silver Coin Capsules


  • ULTRA Intercept – the only round coin capsule worldwide with active protection against tarnishing!
  • Thanks to proven technology, the coin capsules ULTRA Intercept offer a completely new kind of coin collecting.
  • The foam ring inside the capsules with a thickness of 3 mm is based on the patented Intercept technology, which is proven for more than 30 years. The copper particles in the material bind corrosive gases permanently and as a result neutralise harmful atmospheric substances inside the capsule. This protects the coins from tarnishing. Guaranteed protection up to 15 years*! The effect was verified by the reliable norms DIN, EN, ISO and ASTM amongst others. Available for all coins with a diameter from 26 to 41 mm (in millimetre steps). 

*The effect duration will significantly exceed the specified 15 years under normal storage conditions! Very unfavourable conditions (e.g. exceptionally high air pollution or the constant opening of the capsules / boxes) could cause the effectivity of the Intercept materials to be used up prior to the 15 years. When the potential of the material has been exhausted, the film will turn a dark grey to green color (not the coins!). When this discoloration occurs, you should replace the product with a new one.

These capsules can be used but are not limited to suit most Australian 1oz Silver Coins.

Inner Size: 41mm
External Dimensions: 52.70mm approx.
Filling Height: 4.00mm
Lighthouse SKU: 359435

Coins are not included.