Renniks Australian and New Zealand Token Values 1st Edition Hard Cover Book

Recognition of the growing popularity of this traditionally strong field of collecting, Renniks has just released a new catalogue devoted to the Traders Tokens of Australia and New Zealand!
A crucial part of Australia's currency history, and genuine artifacts of our colonial heritage, tokens were issued by businesses during the 19th century to compensate for a lack of small change for everyday transactions. 
An extremely varied series, encompassing a broad array of fascinating types distinguished by a plethora of different designs, the field of Traders Tokens has carved out an increasingly strong following over the years.
Providing a sweeping overview of this important area of Australian numismatics, Renniks new Australian & New Zealand Tokens Values is simply a must-have for any token collector – and, indeed, anyone with an interest in Australian history.
An impressive hardback publication, featuring a fantastic range of high quality photographs, the most important aspect of this vital reference is that the rarity AND the market values of every token have been completely revised.
A compulsory element of every numismatic library, Renniks new Australian & New Zealand Tokens Values represents excellent value-for-money!
ISBN: 9780980524895
Any questions please do not hesitate to ask

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask