ULTIMATE GUARD Comic Series - 26pt. SILVER Size Comic Backing Boards x 100

Rigid backing boards, made of high quality coated cardboard, for keeping your silver-sized comics crease-free. Size 178 x 266 mm, 100 boards per pack.
Excellent volume and rigidity - Min. 26pt. high bulk boards with less fibre for extra safe protection of your most valued comics.
100% acid free, certified by independent lab - This product is min. 7% calcium carbonate buffered, which makes it completely acid free and therefore ideal for protecting comics.
Made in Europe - Manufactured in the European Community to meet the high standards of serious comic collectors.
Full high quality front side coating - Gives the rigid boards even more stability and lets your comics glide extra smoothly in and out of the bag.
400g/m2 Backing Board weight - Extra thick and rigid cardboard material to prevent your comics from bending and keep them free of creases.
Collector's grade - Great for storing, viewing and organizing your precious comic book collection
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