The following is the terms and instructions on how our new pre order ballot for mint releases will be conducted.

Why you use a ballot?

From time to time we have seen high demand for some Royal Australian Mint releases and it has been a very challenging task to manage sales of these items to fairly share what stock we have available around.

After trialling a new system for a number of months that has gone up against the Mint's own ballot system, we have encountered some flaws and disadvantages to our existing system as well as the system run by the Mint.

We have now put this new system in place to hopefully provide a process for our customers that will be fairer and cheaper with only one single postage cost and faster shipping when entering a ballot.

Using a pre order ballot system also allows us to accept entries from customers before release day to better manage high volumes, multiple orders and software utilised by some to try and snipe or corner the market.

How does the Online Coins & Collectables ballot work?

With some upcoming new releases from the Royal Australian Mint we will post in our blog and on our Facebook page what releases will soon be available. We will also publicise when our pre order ballot opens and closes.

Once the ballot opens you will be able to view each item under our new releases, the item will clearly state that it is open for ballot entries and you will be able to place your entry.

If there are multiple releases up for ballot, you will be able to place an entry for each of them on the one order, there is no need to place multiple ballot entries for new releases and you can also add other items from our catalogue to the same order.

There is NO PAYMENT REQUIRED upfront for ballot entries, we will still collect your payment details and if you are a winner we will capture your payment once the ballot closes. Please do not pre pay directly by bank deposit, paypal or other means. It will not secure your order and if you are not a winner, you will be refunded less administration fees. Payment will be collected at the time of ordering for other items ordered with the ballot entries.

Once the ballot closes and we have more entries then stock available, we will randomly select winning entries from our pool valid entries for each item.
Winners will have payments captured for their order and everyone will be notified as soon as possible. We will to complete winning ballot notifications by midday on the day the ballot closes, losing ballots will be notified soon after that.

Are there fees and charges for entering the ballot?

No, our system is integrated with our existing website and there a no extra charges when you add a ballot entry to your order. This is another saving our customers can take advantage of.

Please note that we currently only have authorisation from our payment providers to use credit card payment or Paypal for ballots. Other payment methods will be available in due course.

We take your payment details and they are authorised by your bank and held for you. WE DO NOT ACCEPT THESE PAYMENTS UNLESS YOU ARE A WINNER WHEN THE BALLOT CLOSES and we cancel the authorisation for non-winners

What about your in store customers, phone and email sales?

We will still allocate a portion of our stock for these customers. If you have bought off us previously in store either in person, by email or phone, you will still be able to do so ON RELEASE DAY, although the instore allocation will be smaller.

Please note that some items may have a small allocation and we will only allocate these items to instore customers and will no put them up for ballot, we will look after our in-store regulars first with these.


  • Introduction of a new ballot system for our customers
  • No upfront payment, payments only collected from winners when ballot closes
  • No hidden or extra charges for entering the ballot
  • Place multiple ballot entries on the one order, no need to place multiple entries and pay postage each time
  • Browse our catalogue in your own time and purchase items on the same order as your ballots saving you postage
  • Shipping will commence as soon as possible after the ballot closes, we aim to start shipping within 24-48 hours.
  • Takes the pressure off with no mad buying frenzy on release day
  • In-store customers can still come in or place phone and email orders FROM RELEASE DAY