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Australians Awarded 2nd Edition

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Australians Awarded – A Comprehensive Reference for Military and Civilian Awards, Decorations and Medals to Australians.

This second edition is without question the most comprehensive reference of honors, decorations, awards, medals and official forms of recognition to Australians ever produced.

The focus of this new book is on the awards to Australian recipients from the Imperial Order and Decorations through the two World Wars and later conflicts, to our own Australian system of recognition. This book is aimed to provide both information of general interest, as well as become the definitive guide and reference work for the historian, those interested in Australiana, libraries, military museums, and medal collectors. This is the first book published, in-depth, covering such a diverse field, and no doubt some sections will require more research for any further editions. Whilst this edition does cover awards and decorations of the earlier Boer War, together with Sudan wars awards to Australians that foreign governments have seen fit to confer on Australian service personnel have not been included. This book has been written in a very relaxed style, and still maintaining the accuracy of the various awards and decorations, making it a joy to read even for those with only a slight interest in the subject matter. Current market valuations of medals and decorations have been included for those who may have monetary interests in medal collecting.

Author: Johnson, Clive
Edition: 2nd Edition
Publication Date: 2014
ISBN: 9780987338631
Cover: Hard Cover
768 pages

This book is for anyone with a passion for Australian military history, the enthusiast or specialist, the professional, the amateur, the collector, the dealer or simply anyone who has ever been, an Australian Awarded.