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Lighthouse MAGIC Capsules LARGE - Pack of 50

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    Magic Floating Capsules


Ancient, thick or in a triangle shape – MAGIC CAPS is the perfect solution for your very special coins. The membrane inside holds the coin tight and lets the coin float. This allows further to store items like gemstones. With its rim the capsule could be opened easily although it is closed tight. We recommend our MAGIC CAPS for coins with a thickness up to 7 mm. The smaller MAGIC CAPS S are recommended for coins up to 27 mm diameter. If you like to store coins with a diameter up to 35 mm we recommend MAGIC CAPS L. Choose between packs of 6 and 50. Made of scratch-resistant polysteryne. Outer height: 13 mm. Outer diameter: 46 mm (MAGIC CAPS S) / 54 mm (MAGIC CAPS L)

  • Ideal for storing really special coins
  • Also suitable for e.g. precious stones
  • Special membrane in the capsule adjusts to the object